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Among the leading theoretical concepts of family consultation cognitive and behavioural therapy, rational and emotional therapy and others are given. It caused that variety of receptions and methods which are available in its arsenal.

Hailey also applied metaphorical and paradoxical tasks. The first were under construction on searches of analogies between events and acts, which at first sight absolutely different; the second represent such instructions to which family members resist and by that change the behavior in the necessary direction.

At dynamic approach matrimonial disharmony is considered from the point of view of internal motivation of behavior of both partners. Dynamics of the interpersonal relations and its communication with dynamics of mental processes is traced.

Family behavioural therapy as the basic principle sees a behavior reinforcement a consequence from what follows that the pattern of behavior resists changes in all cases, except when there are more favorable consequences. Representatives of this direction are interested in the analysis of sequence of acts. As a basis it is taken provisions that satisfaction in marriage in much bigger degree is caused by absence of mutual frustrations, than volume of the pleasures given each other.

At a stage of reconstruction of the family relations group discussion of actual family problems or in separately taken family, or in parallel groups of clients with similar problems and their relatives is carried out. In the same groups role behavioural training and training in rules of constructive dispute is provided.