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Due to the need of sharp reduction of water consumption the irrigating liquid has to be reused or it is necessary to apply the fulfilled water from other technological processes to an irrigation. At some enterprises the scheme of operation of the jet gas washer with a reverse irrigation and with clarification of the circulating liquid in department of a kaustization is used. Such scheme can be applicable only in the presence of reserve clarifier and its use is connected with considerable difficulties as the reverse clarified liquid will have not less than 11 — 11,5 at which deposits of a carbonate and sulfite of calcium in pipes and nozzles can be formed.

The primary contents in dust ablation of small particles and the high demanded extent of purification of gases in combination with parameters of gases behind a copper caused universal use of electric precipitators. The exception at a choice like the dust collector is made by SRK of small productivity equipped by high-pressure scrubbers of Venturi on which as the irrigating liquid the black lye after evaporating station with concentration of solids of 50 — 55% condensed in a scrubber to concentration of 60% is used.