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Procedure of the formalized analysis of documents begins with allocation of two units of the analysis: semantic (qualitative) and tallies. A research objective – to find the indicators indicating existence in the document of a subject, significant for the analysis, and opening contents of text information.

Information containing in documents can be divided on primary and secondary. In the first case it is about the description of concrete situations, about publicizing of activity of certain subjects of society. Secondary information has more generalized, analytical character; the hidden social communications are, as a rule, reflected in it more deeply.

Interview in a place of work, occupations, that is in office. It is most expedient when work or educational collectives are studied, and the object of research is connected with production or educational affairs.

Two groups at the same time participate in parallel experiment: control and experimental. Their structure has to be identical on all control, and also according to neutral characteristics which can affect an experiment outcome. Characteristics of control group remain constants during the entire period of experiment, and experimental – change.

It is fruitful in the analysis of texts activity (problem) approach. In this case all text is considered as the description of a concrete problem situation in which there is a number of subjects and the relation between them. In the formalized analysis of documents comprehensively consider activity, and also her subjects, the purposes and motives of the acts made by them allocate; the circumstances, the reasons which generated need for this or that activity (the divergence is too a kind of activity); object of its direction.

Linear experiment differs in that the same group is exposed to the analysis, being control (its initial state, experimental (its state after change of its any characteristics). That is even prior to experiment all control, factorial and neutral characteristics of the studied object are accurately fixed.

Experiment belongs to number of the most peculiar and hardly mastered methods of collecting sociological information. Already one name of this method having very loud sounding bewitches and causes special respect.

On character of an experimental situation experiments share on "field" and laboratory. The object of research is in field experiment under natural conditions the functioning. In the conditions of laboratory experiment an experimental situation, and it is frequent and experimental groups are formed artificially. Therefore members of group are, as a rule, informed on experiment.

There is a number of the bases for classification of documents. According to the status documents are distinguished on official and informal; in a statement form – written (it is wider – also the statistical are verbal. Documents are classified by the functional features on information, regulatory, communicative and cultural and educational.

The analysis of documents – one of widely applied and effective methods of collecting and the analysis of primary information. Documents with various degree of completeness reflect society of society. They contain data on processes and results of activity of the person; thereof documentary information represents a great interest for sociologists.