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The operational information is the data necessary for the current activity, for adoption of operational decisions. Can act as operational information both official statistics, and the unpublished data which are result of direct supervision, personal experience, various experiments, etc.

In the modern mechanism of the international statistics division of labor is traced: one statistical organizations develop statistical methodology, programs of supervision, others directly carry out collecting, processing and the publication of statistical data. The carried-out earlier international statistical congresses (ISC) and the operating nowadays International statistical institute treat the first type of the organizations. To the second type – the statistical office of the UN and its specialized institutions and statistical services of other numerous international organizations.

Set of various signs of goods is taken as a basis of creation of this product range: origin, type of material, purpose of goods, its chemical composition. Groups of goods are formed proceeding from the principles of sequence of processing: raw materials - a semi-finished product - ready a product.

Completeness of information support – a result of laborious work on collecting and preliminary processing of big data files during which collisions with difficulties of both metodiko-technical, and commercial character are frequent.

"World trade (the appendix - World Trade Annual (Supplement)" - are given data on foreign trade of 24 countries to which share about 4/5 world trades and 1300 commodity positions located according to the scheme SMTK UN fall.

Economic information is the main type of information, used in the analysis of this or that economic problem. It can be divided into three look: statistics, accounts department and operational information.

The statistical bureau incorporates six divisions, each of which solves a circle of specific information, functional and technical objectives and prepares the corresponding digital and methodological publications. The demographic statistics and all other branches of economic statistics, except for statistics of agriculture and work are under authority of central office of the UN.

Except the listed services big statistical work in the Secretariat of the UN is conducted by the UNCTAD and YuNIDO and the international organizations operating out of UN system. Treat the largest of the last OECD and the EU.

The international standard branch classification of all types of economic activity - MSOK. (International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities – ISIC). MSOK reflects structure of production, i.e. a way of association of types of economic activity within production facilities and distribution of these types between them in the countries. Primary activities – the enterprises. All types of economic activity in MSOK are subdivided into 9 sections which in turn include subsections, groups and subgroups. At the MSOK most detailed level has 159 separate categories.

MSI is the autonomous international organization, but has consultative state at EKOSOS of the UN and UNESCO, is not a part of the system of specialized institutions of the UN, but regularly takes part in work of the Statistical commission of the UN, without being her member.

The regional commissions operating within EKOSOS publish own statistical collections. Besides the UN is a part of the system a number of specialized institutions which statistical editions can represent a great interest when carrying out the analysis of an economic situation of the country. It first of all IMF, FAO, ILO, etc.

Thus, for the last five years the shape of Internet as associations of the computer networks solving educational, research, information and humanitarian and communication tasks considerably changed. Within the separate basic Internet networks, for example in the NSFNET network, the strict restrictions forbidding a commercial traffic work. Other structures like CIS create own network routes for a commercial traffic stimulating use of Internet by various firms and businessmen.